Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grown ups have fun too

So last night I went to my first real happy hour, as in those in attendance were my co-workers and we all came straight from work. Considering this is my first big girl job and I'm the youngest in the whole crew, it was a little intimidating. How much should I drink? How professional of a demeanor do I need to maintain? All these questions were swirling in my head on the rainy drive there.

Much to my was just like college (except maybe minus the shots and hooking up...on my part anyways). Alcohol was flowing, laughs were had, and all the stress we had undoubtedly been under all day at work, relieved. So, to sum up this post....Being a grown up isn't so bad after all. I can still get tipsy and say inappropriate things without being chastised or looked at funny. And the best part..get home safely and not wake up feeling like death because I drank too much.

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