Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bipolar Week

Yesterday I embarrassingly had a mini-meltdown. Money troubles were the main culprit and it just sent my anxiety into a racing downward spiral. Being young and broke is really starting to wear on me. I cannot wait to start my new job so I won't be as strapped as I am now and maybe even save some money (foreign concept to me right now).

Today I'm feeling a lot better (hence the name of this post...and it's a joke between Jen and I that we both have it, typical psych student behavior). I've got a particularly busy weekend ahead of me starting tomorrow night with heading back to the Eastern Shore. Wine night with Jen on Friday (which I severely need). Dinner and a movie with friends on Saturday night (The Hangover....super excited). The Charles Village Festival and roaming the city on Sunday. I'm amazed how my friends and family always seem to crowd around me when I'm feeling less than stellar. I really have some amazing people in my life right now and (despite the stressful bullshit) am feeling very blessed.

-jme <3

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  1. I love you and I can't wait for a J-Squared hang out sesh this weekend... we are wayyy overdue!!!

    Also, I am so jealous of the Sunday you have planned... I wish I wasn't working!!!