Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boyfriend Requirements (some flexible, some not)

So during my 23 years thus far I've compiled a pretty good mental list of the things I want in a partner. Some of these are serious and some are just funny (though if they do all apply to someone you know hook a sister up). I'll add to this periodically so I apologize if it gets to be a little lengthy.

My Perfect Man:
  • absolutely hilarious (bonus points if he can laugh at himself)
  • honest
  • does a mean Louie Armstrong impression (as I would like to think I do)
  • does other great impersonations
  • impeccable memory for song lyrics and movie quotes
  • has his own hobbies and interests different from my own (aka an individual)
  • has a last name that either sounds like or rhymes with a vegetable
  • is lazy, but still ambitious (most people don't want this but I'm super lazy and need someone to be lazy with)
  • taller than me (superficial, I know, but I just feel safe and like it when a guy is bigger than me)
  • loves music (musically talented earns bonus points)
  • slightly romantic (little things like random texts, surprise visits, etc)
  • can grow a full beard and does so at least once a year (I like manly men what can I say?)
  • takes charge sometimes
  • likes cats and dogs
  • has nice hair (and by that i mean if you are balding to the point where you only have hair right on top of your ears and none on top....please shave that shit...i prefer no hair to horribly balding)
  • doesn't have a man sweater.....some hair is ok, a sweater is not for me
  • good travel companion
  • likes to snuggle
  • willing and excited to be my cooking guinea pig
Like I said, I'll keep adding to this as I think of things. I just love making lists and figured this topic was definitely worthy.



  1. I'd like my man to do a legit impression of Michael McDonald.

    ...One more reason why I'm in love with The G-Linx. :)