Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not What I Want come when I'm single I get a crapload of attention from guys I don't want, and none from the one that I do? This always baffles me. Tonight I got two different dinner invitations and neither came from the guy I'm kinda interested in. WTF + FML.

This is why I say the dating scene sucks. I get the drunk guys who've "had a crush on me since we were in English class together."
Here's some quotes from tonight's convo with said English class guy (because Jen insists and they are pretty funny) (on an additional note I did not entertain any of this, he just kept 'em coming lol):
"forgive me i am drunk but i think your hot and should not be singel. really well when can i take you out"
"i mean ill go from here to whereever for a pretty girl"
"i have hada crush on you since english 103...102 at the peake"
"i mean you way to cute to be single...even if i just get to take you to a movie that would be a dream come true :-)"
And....... I'm going to leave on that note. That's about enough. Man, what a try though.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh :/


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