Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I found out that Incubus is coming to Merriweather in August and honestly I almost wet my pants. I have to pre-order their new album in order to get pre-sale tix next week, all totally worth it in my book.

I'm watching the "I wish you were here" music video right now and seriously swooning. I want Brandon Boyd's babies. Now.

The last time I went to see his fine little ass was many a year ago. I ended up trading tickets with a guy who wanted to sit with this girl, leaving all of my friends behind. The guy was in the second row and he traded me for my lawn ticket!!! It was like the sky parted and I was in heaven. For the next couple hours I danced my tail off and stared at the gorgeous, often angelic, Brandon Boyd. Best. Night. Ever.

136 days.......................and counting.