Thursday, March 5, 2009

Extremely Irritated

WARNING: I am in a horrible mood this morning so if you're having a glorious day I would wait to read this.

Nothing angers/saddens me more than bad parenting. There's been a lot of news coverage here lately on the topic and my frustrations have just been increasing with every article I read. First off, fucktards like Nadya Suleman AKA "Octomom" SERIOUSLY piss me off. This morning a bunch of 911 calls that have been made from her home were made public. In the most shocking call (in my opinion) Nadya frantically calls the police because her son is missing. She proceeds to repeat "Where is my son?" and eventually tell the operator that she's going to kill herself.....She's saying all of this in front of her other children!!! And the worst part is the son was just out taking a walk around the neighborhood with his grandmother!!!! She can't take care of her 6 children she already has. Why the hell should she be allowed to bring her other 8 home? I really hope social services steps in and finds these children adequate homes. A mother's selfish need to feel needed by her children should never upstage the needs of the children she's caring for.

This sad excuse for a human being neglected her child to the point where she was raised by dogs.....seriously. Thank god the child is "mentally and physically healthy despite her ordeal."

I think stories like these really frustrate me because I have one of the most amazing mothers in the world. Also, the women in my family find it basically impossible to get pregnant. It took my mom almost ten years of trying before becoming pregnant with me. None of my aunts have been able to conceive, one turning to adoption instead (which I'm super glad she did and am considering it as part of my future plans now). It just confuses me how such wonderful people have trouble being parents and then individuals like "Octomom" can have 14 children.

Ok, I'm gonna go take a breather now. I'll probably post something more upbeat later today. I just had to get that off my chest first.



  1. You could always buy a kid off my cousin... she's a professional baby-shitter-outter.


    You can take the girl off the shore, but ya can't take the shore outta the girl... in her case, she "upgraded" to Hancock. It's a real place. Look it up. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

  2. I'm thinking I should make a more anonymous e-mail to post comments like that... i do work for a state agency... hmmmmm :]

  3. You can anonymously comment. It's an option at the bottom after the captcha. And I'll know it's you :)