Monday, February 9, 2009

Links of the Day

Happy Monday! Here's my interesting links of the day.....

  • Bum Fight....but they're cats. Funny, but the music is super annoying.
  • Sex Muffins....heard about it on the radio this morning. People were calling in swearing these things are like life-altering (all agreed that they enhance your experience by ten-fold at least...crazy). Needless to say I will be making these later this week.
  • Strip clubs are starting to offer other amenities than just the dancers. This totally reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday morning. Me and strip clubs have a rocky past.
  • Great chart for guys to understand what they should do for a girl on Valentine's Day. I think I fall somewhere between Olive Garden and a movie, card and laundered sheets, and flowers and fajitas (although I'm more of a bottle of wine and movie rental kinda gal). This chart can be hard to read until you zoom in on it. Definitely amusing though and pretty accurate I think (which is why it's in bold).
  • Strange techno-esque song made up entirely of noises from Windows 98 and XP. Don't bother listening past 1:35. Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands.
  • List of best and worst jobs in regards to how much sex they have. Technically I'm a call center worker so I guess this is good news for me.


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