Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

As the title reads I am having a glorious lazy Sunday back on the shore. Though Valentine's Day wasn't what I had planned (Jen was sick), I had a great day. I did a lot of baking, which I am finishing up today, and then came back to the shore later last night and hung out with a friend :)

Because I'm at my mom's house alone (which is eerily quiet like all other houses on the shore by the way) I'm bored and thought I'd do an interesting links post. Plus in the past few days I've come across some amazing Web sites I thought I should share.

  • First off, this Web site is perfect for anyone who feels like everything in life is going wrong. Or if you just enjoy listening to other people's worst days me. Some are super funny.
  • Second, this Web site has provided me with a ridiculous number of laughs over the past few days. Thanks to Justin for finding this gem. (WARNING: some of the photo content under photos of the day is definitely NSFW and mostly just boobs honestly). This is one of the greater lists I found on that site. The #1 is hilarious "Vaginas are like your roommates Pringles; meant to be shared, but never opened unless you ask first."
  • Though Valentine's Day is over now, I still love this list too. If they had "I already roofied myself" as a t-shirt I'd buy it.

UPDATE ON THE SEX MUFFINS: BAD CHOICE (those things couldn't get anybody action, they taste like crap)


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