Monday, February 23, 2009

Benefit Weekend Wrap-Up

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I had another great weekend. Life has been pretty damn good here lately. I owe 99% of that to the new group of girls I've been spending time with. Jen, Emily, Lauren (we missed you), and Hillary thanks for welcoming me into your little group. You girls are really great and tons of fun to hang out with. I've never gotten along very well with girls (except my kattledette), but you guys are so laid-back I think it'd be hard for anyone to not get along with you. Ok, enough sappy friend loving.

Friday night I just stayed in and caught up on some rest. Thank goodness I did because Saturday was one of the longest nights I've had in a long time. I was having a Murphy's Law kinda day on Saturday (everything that could have gone wrong did) but that night totally made up for it. We all met up at Emily's house for appetizers before the Relay for Life Grilled Lincolns Benefit in C-ville. Jen made cookies (including her new orange zest oatmeal cookies I'm in love with) and I made spinach dip. Everyone then headed to the firehall. Yes, if someone told me I would one day be drinking and dancing in a firehall I would say hell no, but I loved every second of it. The Grilled Lincolns were awesome! I haven't danced that much in a long time. We stayed until the end of the show, then someone had the bright idea of going to Doc's (which was of course closing). I was walking with Jen and I'm not sure how many times we fell on the way there, but I had grass stains on my knees the next morning and a righteous bump on the side of my head. Two drunk people trying to help each other walk = both of them falling more. On our way walking back to Emily's a car pulls up with some guys we went to high school with in it. I blame the next sequence of events on the two pitchers of shots Emily made (they were definitely doubles) and the fact that I had just watched "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey earlier that day.

The guys told us to get in, and we did. We are sketchballs, I know. Jen knew the guys very well, but I on the other hand had never hung out with any of them. A couple stops later we were back at one of their houses watching movies. Jen passed out, but I stayed up with two of the guys and watched 3 whole movies back-to-back, giggling like a schoolgirl at their ridiculous commentary the whole time. I had fun to say the least. I paid for it the next day when I waltzed through my mom's door looking like complete hell and running on about 45 minutes of sleep. But, nevertheless it was worth it. Sometimes saying yes to things you wouldn't normally can have great results :)

Ok, links for today:
  • Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars. Amazing impression.
  • An 80's video teaching guys how to seduce women. The best is the guy that says, "Detroit you need a dollar, a twelve-pack of beer, gram of coke, and a whip." Yeah buddy, I'm sure that's really worked out for you thus far. Basically this video tells people to perform sex acts in public.
  • This is ridiculous. It means your partner isn't attracted to you, you idiot.
  • My new obsession: online videos of kids singing songs they really shouldn't know the words to. They crack me up. Like this one. I have no idea what this girl is singing but it's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'd kidnap her ass in a second. And this video. And kids dancing. Ok, sorry I'll stop now.


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  1. 1- I absolutely adore you and am so glad you are in our circle of love. Just think, it all started at Howards the night of your 21st because Tyler and Cody wanted to show you a good time. Little did we all know it would blossom into something wonderful over the next two years, lol. And for the record, I don't know if I'd call myself laid-back though but we are certainly BAMFs.

    2- I'm kind of upset because I never ate any of your spinach dip. That I can remember. Hmmm.

    3- I remember trying to run to catch up with someone, and just wiping out completely. I think you tried to help me up, and that's when I likely pulled you down with me. I wish I'd had Bryan and Keith's perspective of the whole debachle.

    4- It's a good thing Bryan and Keith are the good guys that they are. Because we were totally DR girls by the end of the night. Or at least I was, in which case thank god you were with me to babysit my DR ass.

    5- I'm mad at myself for passing out and missing the movie marathon. I've suggested to all who attended that we have a do-over (I promise not to pass out again).

    6- Way to sum up your post with the moral of Yes Man.